Care to keep in mind the beach days: take care of your skin!

Summer is already here, and with it, at least an express trip to the beach. Who would not love to arrive and lie down to sunbathe without worrying about anything? I’m sure everyone. Sadly, these days, the sun’s derma correct rays are so powerful that they make it impossible to go outside without sun protection. The damage that the sun does to us is not directly and only to the skin, it also damages the hair and the eyes. It is for this reason that I decided to tell you a little more about certain steps or processes that can protect us from the sun.

First of all, skin care. We already know that it is where the sun reflects its ravages. We can suffer from simple burns, to more serious conditions with possible skin cancer due to excessive exposure and without protection from the sun. It is time to become aware and begin to take care of our body both internally and externally. There are a thousand ways to take care of her and very simple. We have regular body creams, many already contain SPF (for its acronym in English sun protection factor) that translates into Spanish as sun protection. There are different levels of protection, moisturizers usually have the minimum, that’s why I recommend you use sunscreen.

Sunscreen creams, known as sunblocks, are a must for beach days, especially if you have clear and very delicate skin. There are also bronzers, which I honestly would ask you to leave them. You can get an incredible tan with only the use of sunblock and, believe me, you will not have to suffer from unwanted burns or skin peeling.

There are also sunscreens for the scalp. It sounds strange, I know, but without doubt they are a product that can not be missing among your basics. It serves to protect hair from solar radiation. You can use any blocker, although the specific ones for the treatment of the scalp are much less fatty and adapt perfectly to this application.

Incredible as it may seem, the eyes are also in danger when exposed to the sun, so it is highly recommended to wear glasses or sunglasses. Here it is key to have to invest in them, and I tell them why. If you buy a pair of glasses at a low price it is likely that they are made of unregulated plastic or vinyls and that they cause a mirror effect in your eyes. Let’s say that, the ray of sunlight hits the lens directly, and the light that enters your eye is doubly damaging. On the other hand, if the price of the lenses is higher, it talks about that they can be polarized or that their material can resist the sun’s rays, protecting the eye completely.

It is important to mention that we must take care of the contact skin with citrus just before the sun exposure, because the mixture will generate almost indelible spots on the skin. The use of beer as a tanning accelerator is not a good idea either. Invest in good products for daily skin care, not only on beach days or holidays, it is important to protect ourselves ALWAYS.

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