Do mushrooms make you lose weight?

Mushrooms and diet to lose weight do they mix? Can raw Paris mushrooms help you lose weight? Many nutritionists see luna trim interesting benefits for the body. Zoom on a food that can help lose weight quickly …

Does the mushroom make you fat?
Make no mistake, on the caloric table of food, the mushroom oscillates between 15 and 30 calories per 100 grams, which is really little.

It is obviously an asset to slim down!

But that’s not all, because mushrooms have a significant power of satiety: the feeling of hunger easily disappears when you eat them.

The mushroom is fat when cooked in sauce, when it is made in oil or butter, or if stuffed with meat.

Considering that my goal is to lose weight, I will therefore avoid the Greek mushrooms, fries and mushrooms stuffed with bacon … All these dishes have the disadvantage of being too rich in calories and must therefore enter only exceptionally in a slimming diet.

That’s why it’s wise to eat raw Paris mushrooms.

On the other hand, mushrooms provide minerals and vitamins in large quantities, one more reason to consume them raw, which keeps this advantage for the body.

The mushrooms of Paris: How and when to eat without fattening?
The mushroom can be eaten raw at different times of the day. For example, you can prepare it as a salad for an appetizer, or even as a main course by adding other ingredients.

Recipe ideas are not lacking, without getting fat: mixed with avocado, pink grapefruit and shrimp, they are simply delicious!

In the appetizer range that does not make you fat, raw mushrooms also have great success: cut in slices or quarters, it will crunch nicely alongside other crudités such as carrots, cucumbers or cauliflower.

Finally, think of marinades of vinegar and lemon juice, which season subtly have the taste of raw mushroom thanks luna trim reviews to shallots, basil, finely chopped chives. Raw Paris mushrooms, it is definitely a good idea to lose weight while having fun!

Origin of Paris mushrooms
These are not plants, yet they are most often cooked as vegetables. There are many mushrooms that can be picked in the forest. The mushrooms of Paris, as for them, are mushrooms of culture since the XVIIe century and are declined in two varieties: the white and the blonde, which would be slightly more perfumed.

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