Does taking a hot shower make you lose weight?

Does taking a hot shower make you lose weight?
The hot shower is a well-being ritual power trim 1200 enjoyed both in the morning and in the evening after a busy day. But if the hot water and its steam have virtues for the skin, what about the line? Does taking a hot shower make it possible to lose calories and find a dream silhouette?

Hot steam to evacuate toxins
Hot steam from a shower is often recommended to take care of your skin. It eliminates toxins and other wastes through the perspiration reflex. By sweating in the hot shower, you do not eliminate fat or sugar but purify your body in a natural way. The hot shower avoids water retention and often has the effect of deflating your figure. In addition to getting in shape, sweating caused by the heat of the water helps to take care of its organs. These same organs that work night and day to assimilate sugars and fats in your body.

Lose calories while taking a shower
Beneficial for the skin and the balance of water in the body, the hot shower also helps to lose calories through a simple action. Water over 37 degrees warms your body, fighting to keep a constant temperature. Just like when you’re cold, heat makes use of energy to your body. Its goal is to maintain your temperature at 37 ° C, regardless of the outside temperature. By taking a hot shower, you work the cells of your body. Scientists believe that a 10-minute hot shower allows you to lose up to 50 calories.

Hot shower and motivation
Recent studies have shown that the hot shower can release hormones beneficial for morale. These hormones lower your heart rate while soothing you and eliminating the sources of stress. And that says stress eliminated usually says weight loss since these two are often linked. The hot shower is a special moment that often comes as a reward for intense physical effort. It may also be decided to alternate hot showers with cold showers to stimulate blood circulation, drain tissues and melt excess fat. Besides, what’s more motivating than knowing that you will have the right to a hot and relaxing shower directly after your workout or jogging?

In addition to being a great way to relax, the hot shower also helps to lose calories in a natural way. Do not hesitate to power trim reviews punctuate your sports sessions with a hot shower followed by a cold bath that will eliminate toxins and tighten your skin while burning a maximum of calories. The must to lose weight and feel good about yourself!

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