How to lose 1 kg in 3 days?

Whether you want to go on an express diet or go for weight loss in the long run, losing a first kilo is always good for morale. Here are all our tips to start losing weight in a few days.

Sport at will to feel lighter
Exercise is essential for weight loss, especially when you are a big gourmand. If you are not athletic at all, plan a gentle activity such as brisk walking, swimming or a short bike ride, to be done at least twice during your three-day diet.

On the other hand, if you are in good physical shape, favor activities more intense and recognized for their capacities to burn fat like skipping rope, rowing or kickboxing. Very quickly, your first kilo will have melted.

Slimming menus without frustration
Avoid starving yourself during these three days, you risk losing your motivation. Allow generous portions for your meals but by simply serving foods with low caloric intake. Replace your favorite dessert cream with mint strawberry salad, salad Caesar saturated with croutons and bacon with a salad made with quinoa or your steak with pepper sauce with a fillet of fish en papillote.

Also spotlight fat burning foods like keto go dragons denĀ pineapple, grapefruit or cabbage. Prepared in soup form, it is also excellent for a draining effect during these three days of diet.

Three days full of benefits to pamper you
Rather than go on a calorie hunt all day, make your diet a moment of well-being. Give yourself long nights, fatigue tends to induce snacking, while striving to meet a regular sleep cycle. Take your meals at a fixed time and try to devote at least half an hour to your lunch.

Rather than find your friends around a drink, do not hesitate to propose an activity more compatible with your desire to lose weight as a yoga class, a walk in the park or a pool session.

72 hours are enough to lose your first kilo by controlling your diet and adopting an active lifestyle. Continue your efforts to lose a second without constraining yourself to an overly ambitious goal. This technique is particularly recommended to lose harmoniously the pounds taken during pregnancy.

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