How to lose 10 pounds at the belly?

If it is possible to lose weight in the stomach, it is however impossible to slim down exclusively this part of the body. You will lose weight overall, which, by the way, is not bad.

On the other hand there are targeted kara keto burn exercises that will allow you to work only the abs to find a flat stomach.

In this article we will see how to eat to lose weight of ten kilos and what exercises to practice to achieve our goal.

Learn to eat to lose ten pounds
As we have said, losing only ten pounds at the level of a part of the body is impossible, you will have to slim down the whole body. For that, it is good to set up a balanced diet, without drastically depriving oneself.

The most important thing is to ban processed products, ie refined sugar, ready-made meals, etc. Also reduce the consumption of animal protein and eat more legumes (lentils, chickpeas, beans …).

Finally, consume preferably whole grains and especially lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, if possible from organic farming.

If this is a good base to start losing your ten kilos, it is still advisable to contact a specialist to set up a plan tailored to your personal needs.

Exercises at home to strengthen the abs
To lose belly, it is important to lose weight in general. for this, the diet will help you but you will also have to practice a cardio activity such as running or swimming for example. However, there are targeted exercises that can strengthen and strengthen the abdominals.

Here are some examples:

The crunch
The crunch is the flagship exercise of abs work. Very simple to make, it does not require any specific equipment except perhaps a gym mat.
1-Lie on your back, lay your feet flat on the floor.
2-Wrap the bust by contracting the abs
Go back to the starting position while controlling your action.

Do 3 sets of fifteen to twenty repetitions at least three times a week.

The cladding helps strengthen the deep muscles of the trunk.

1-Sit in a plank position
2-Hold the position as long as possible by contracting the abs and glutes

Repeat this exercise at least twice per session, three times a week.

To lose ten pounds in the stomach you will need to lose weight overall. Eat a balanced diet and exercise, including crunches and cladding to strengthen your abs and you’ll see your extra pounds take off.

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