How to lose 15 kg in 3 months?

Being able to lose weight quickly is the wish of as many women as men. But often, many put off their weight loss program for lack of motivation and means.

With what we are going to present today, you will be able to lose the maximum weight in record time, and this in a totally natural way.

Yes, it takes effort, but you will very quickly see the benefits. Wondering how to lose so much in such a short time? You think it’s not possible?

With good habits and sports, you will see that you can do it!

With sports, there is no more effective
The best way to lose weight fast is, without a doubt, Rapid Tone pure and raw sport. You must have seen shows that helped overweight people lose their extra pounds in front of the screen.

These are not nonsense, when you make the effort to do the right sport, the reward will always be present: a concrete silhouette and excellent health bonus. You will lose much more than 15 kg in 3 months if you are well motivated.

Of course, the slimming program will be faster in the gym, but sports activities to do at home are all equally effective, especially since it saves time and energy.

Today, many experts attest that cladding exercises are very effective. In fact, many people attest to this on Instagram and Pinterest. If you want to try, just put yourself in the plank position, resting on your forearms well parallel to your body on the ground.

Do 3 sets of 30 seconds each day. Those who have already tried claim to have lost 5 kg in a month.

Diets also work very well
You may say that you have already tried but it did not work. You are not the only one who has been disappointed with diets. But have you ever analyzed the reasons why you have not managed to slim down? The most effective diets result from an in-depth study of the body’s functioning and nutrition.

Besides, with Dukan, losing 15 pounds will be very easy. It is a program that was developed by a renowned nutritionist.

It consists of focusing on proteins by avoiding lipids and carbohydrates to ensure that the body taps into the fat reserves to survive.

Example of a typical menu to quickly lose weight:
Breakfast :

Cottage cheese
Sugar free tea
Lunch :

Zucchini croquettes
Lean ham
A fruit salad
Having dinner

Green cabbage soup
An Apple
To lose 15 kg in 3 months, the sport and slimming programs are very effective.
Feel free to combine the two for best results.

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