Is it possible to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time ?: Beginners guide

Can you gain muscle and lose fat at the same time? Undoubtedly, this is a very controversial topic in the world of fitness and that you have probably asked yourself more than once. If so, surely now you will be thinking about what will be that happy formula with which the body can get rid of the bad to make way for the good.

Well, first of all we must understand that physically it is impossible to achieve this. According to many studies, in order rvxadryl to gain a kilo of muscle mass it is necessary to have an intake of 5,000 calories. It is for this reason that many bodybuilders and athletes ameteur gym must submit to a hypocaloric diet (consume more calories than required) in order that the body can build a new muscle tissue much larger.

With fat, the opposite happens: in order to eliminate a kilo of adipose tissue, one must reduce the intake of total calories, or spend more calories than those consumed.

At first glance, we can conclude that gaining muscle mass and losing fat simultaneously is like trying to reach the top of Mount Everest without having to climb, however, and as we have already mentioned many times, your body and the one of all, is a powerful machine full of wonders and incredible things that therefore, is little susceptible to simple processes.
Decrease your carbohydrate intake to lose fat

So, is it possible to gain muscle mass and at the same time lose fat? In theory and in practice, yes, but it is not so simple either. First you must understand that your body works according to the type of food you carry. It is not the same to consume 500 calories of chicken breast as to consume 500 calories in a chocolate cupcake. Clearly, it is more likely that the intake of the first food will lead to a greater gain in muscle mass, while the second will only lead to the accumulation of fatty tissue.

When you consume a lot of carbohydrates, which have a high presence in processed products such as cakes, fried foods, bottled soft drinks, pastries and other junk foods, the body is forced to resort to fat reserves less frequently due to two great reasons that the Most of us usually ignore:

The first is that these products are also high in fat, so even in small portions they give us a huge amount of calories that we probably will not be able to use in full, leading to the eventual accumulation of adipose tissue.
Secondly, since they are processed foods, they also contain large amounts of refined sugars that we know colloquially as simple carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are characterized mainly because the body can absorb them easily. The available sugar goes directly into the bloodstream to generate glucose at high levels, which the body must be able to shovel to avoid the development of diseases such as type II diabetes. To achieve this, it is necessary to produce a hormone called insulin that has a powerful effect on the inhibition of fat as an energy source.

All this is important to know, because in this way we can conclude that by reducing the intake of carbohydrates (even if it is complex) we will have a greater use of fats as an energy source, we can get rid of it more easily.

Thanks, in theory, we can have a caloric surplus exclusively composed of a high number of proteins, fat (healthy) moderate and low in carbohydrates to gain muscle mass while we lose the accumulated fat with the passage of years.

Sounds easy, does not it? Again, remember that the body does not work so easily, because even having a surplus, even if you do not consume too many carbohydrates, you’re probably going to gain some fat along the way.

Here, we will reach the same conclusion at the beginning: it is impossible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time.
The magic formula that almost nobody tells you

However, there is a solution that we can apply, although it requires a lot of organization to be able to carry it out.
Weight training as a muscle mass stimulant

The first step consists in not leaving everything to the hands of the feeding. Come on! We know that the way to nourish ourselves is the one that most influences the results that we will achieve in our process of body transformation, but being “the most” does not mean “being absolute”, so to this formula we are going to add the training factor.

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