Is it possible to lose 10 kg with boxing?

Boxing is a very intense and cardio sport that helps lose weight fast. If you want to lose weight of ten pounds, opt for this activity total tone diet which, in addition to being very interesting thanks to its power off, you will help burn a lot of calories and therefore lose a lot.

In this article we will see why boxing is a great option for who wants to slim down and how to practice it.

Boxing, the ideal sport to slim down!
Boxing being a very sporty and intense activity, it is excellent for fat burning.
In fact, it burns over 300 calories in thirty minutes of practice, and continues to melt after exercise, this is called the afterburn effect.

Thus, combined with a balanced diet, this sport will allow you to lose a dozen pounds quickly.

Where and how to practice this activity?
To practice boxing you will have to follow a teacher-led training because it is very difficult, if not impossible, to practice alone at home. Rest assured there are many clubs in all cities.

In addition, it will allow you to meet other people who have the same interests as you and who can support you in your process.
It is advisable, to lose ten pounds, to train at least twice a week, following sessions of about two hours.

Be careful, boxing is not made for everyone
Be careful however, boxing is not a sport suitable for everyone. Even if it allows you to lose ten pounds quickly, you still have to enjoy combat sports and intense activities. You want to slim down but boxing is not for you? Do not panic, there are thousands of other sports, you will inevitably find shoes at your feet.

To conclude we will say that boxing is an excellent sport to lose ten pounds. Its intensity and its cardio make it possible to burn a lot of calories very quickly. In addition to being an interesting activity, she is known to help feel better in her head, to relieve tension. However, this sport is not for everyone, if it does not suit you, find an activity tailored to your desires and needs.

And remember especially that it is important to practice physical activity but also to follow a balanced diet if you want to lose ten pounds.

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