Is the lemon peel a good ally to lose weight?

It was already known, lemon juice is a perfect fat burning and an excellent ally for losing weight. But what about lemon zest? Is he a good ally to lose weight?

Lose weight thanks to the zest of lemon?
When you want rapid weight loss, radiantly slim protein diets like the Dukan diet are very effective. The lemon peel like lemon juice helps to lose weight thanks to its fat burning effect.

Grated or chopped, the zest of lemon scents all your protein-based dishes, without spoiling the prescriptions of your diet.

How to consume the zest of lemon to lose weight?
How to integrate the zest of lemon in its food and how to consume it well? Fresh or frozen lemon zest retains all its properties.

Lemon peel juice: after having cleaned the lemon zest, let them infuse in the water for 12 hours. Drink 2 tablespoons of this infusion every 3 hours.
Grated in salads: if you like the taste of zest, you can eat it grated in salads. You can also use it in your soups, meats or fish.
In salad dressings: in vinaigrettes you can use lemon zest in place of your vinegar.
Confit au sucre: if you can not resist the temptation of a little sweetness, consuming candied lemon peel with sugar will always be better than any industrial confectionery.
In your desserts: being on a diet does not necessarily prevent you from making small pleasures. In the desserts you can for example integrate your lemon zest in the preparations of your cakes that you make with your Thermomix or other.
The benefits of lemon zest
In addition to its benefits for weight loss, the zest of lemon has many health benefits.

It eliminates toxins: rich in anti-oxidant, the lemon zest has properties to fight against the toxins that we swallow daily. It fights against the decline of the immune system and reduces the aging of the skin
It is good for the bones: rich in calcium and vitamin C, it helps strengthen the bones of the skeleton.
It keeps the heart healthy: the lemon zest is rich in potassium, which is essential for the proper functioning of the cardiovascular muscles.
It fights bad cholesterol: rich in flavonoids, nutrients, vitamins P and C, lemon zest unclogs blood vessels and reduces bad cholesterol.
It cleanses the liver: the lemon zest is a very effective weapon to detoxify the liver and make it full filter capabilities.
The lemon zest is an ally of choice in a diet or simply in the preservation of your health in everyday life. If you do not have time to consume fresh lemon zest, think that frozen it retains all its virtues. All you need to do is consume it on demand.

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