Lose weight when you are diabetic

You want to lose weight, but as you have diabetes, you do not know which diet to choose? Here are some suggestions that will prove useful for promoting weight loss without risk to your health.

Which diet should you use to lose weight when you have diabetes?
First, your diet must be balanced shark tank weight loss and varied, while focusing on nutrient-rich foods that are low in calories. It is also important to choose a diet with low carbohydrate and fat, based on three full meals a day.

It must include a lot of green and colorful vegetables, lean proteins and some whole grains. Certain approaches such as the Montignac diet and the Cohen, Dukan diets and chrononutrition meet these criteria; this is a good choice, provided you monitor the size of your portions to promote weight loss.

Menu-type of a dietary day for diabetics
unsweetened oatmeal boiled in water, 2 tablespoons of skimmed milk, unsweetened apple compote, green tea or decaffeinated coffee.

chicken skewer (no fat and no skin) / mushrooms / diced green pepper, a portion of bulgur with parsley, ½ cup unsweetened pear compote with cinnamon.

10 almonds, green tea without sugar or milk.

Having dinner
1 bowl of vegetable soup, 2 slices of lean white ham, white beans with thyme, 1 small yoghurt sweetened with stevia (with cinnamon or not, to choose).

Tips to remember
• Cinnamon helps lower blood sugar.
• The longer a food is cooked, the more its glycemic index can increase.
• The addition of healthy proteins (lean meats, skinless poultry, almonds,
eggs, tofu) and fiber (whole grain products) helps to facilitate the
digesting carbohydrates and lowering blood sugar. this will
will also help to feel satiety more quickly; so you will eat
• Limit the addition of salt, but decorate your dishes with herbs and juices
• Choose foods with a glycemic index of no more than 50 in your diet menu. A list of foods classified by their GI value is available on the Internet for free.
• Moisturize sufficiently each day (1 liter of water and more). Better
opt for non-carbonated water.
• During pregnancy, it is always best to seek the advice of your
doctor before starting a hypocaloric diet for diabetics.

Why is it important to lose weight when you are diabetic?
A study (ENTRED) has shown that since 2001, the rate of overweight and obesity in diabetics tends to increase. You should know that when you have diabetes 1 or 2, storing fat can increase blood sugar levels; which makes the treatment of this disease more difficult and can cause complications (for example, cardiovascular problems).

By losing only 5 to 10% fat, you will weight loss shark tank significantly improve the sensitivity of your body to insulin; This will help you control your blood sugar, your blood pressure and your cholesterol.

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