Swimming to refine the thighs

Do you dream of a slim silhouette and thinner legs for this summer? And if you try swimming!

The thighs have indeed a crucial keto fit part of the body to consider before leaving his swimsuit on the beaches of Bora Bora. Most sports undertaken will be more likely to muscle than to actually get thinner.

Swimming, the perfect sport to refine the thighs
Swimming is the slimming sport to choose from if you want to lose thighs. Result: muscle effort without suffering martyrdom (it is much easier to beat the water than on a gym machine) for a silhouette relieved of its calories and unsightly curves.

The caloric value lost through swimming is on average between 540 and 685 Kcal. We get out of his competition jersey and we go straight to the nearest pool to lose weight!

Which swimming privilege to refine my thighs?
Although swimming will tend to sculpt your whole body, giving you the appearance of a competitive swimmer, you can opt for the crawl and backstroke to target your legs.

This swim will work the gluteal muscles and those of the thighs thanks to the energetic beats of legs. The result on the skin is also visible after a few weeks of practice: the skin is more toned and firm. Farewell cellulite and orange peel effect! The skin is smoothed by the effect of the movements of the water.

The crawl and back crawl also solicit the shoulders and abs, what better than a complete physical activity to strengthen his body.

This swim has a fast pace and requires training and practice. You can start at first with the breaststroke and then gradually pass to the other strokes.

The palms, our ally to firm the thighs
Swimming solicits all the muscles of our body and what you want essentially is to refine and firm your thighs: choose without hesitation for small fins! By opposing a little resistance in the water, they will allow you during the beats of legs to muscle much faster the inside of the thighs.

The action of the beats combined with well-tensioned legs will have the effect of stretching the adductor muscles of the thigh as well as the calf.

To you slender legs!

Which program to adopt?
To obtain convincing results, you have to swim regularly. Exercise 45 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week, alternating fast swimming, slow swimming and recovery time. This sporting practice must be coupled with a balanced diet for better results.

If you have difficulty in the beginning, do not hesitate to seek the help of a lifeguard for advice to improve your technique.

Are there other water sports for my thighs?
You are not too fan of the lengths and look for other aquatic sports? No problem ! Opt for water aerobics or aquabiking, the latter being very fashionable at the moment.

Aquabiking is widespread today in keto fit reviews gyms, public pools, do not hesitate to inquire. This activity has the advantage of galber thighs and glutes by getting rid of cellulite.

A smooth activity unlike the exercise bike and the gym. Water carrying your body, you do much more physical effort without suffering. The results are visible very quickly. If you do not like cycling, try water aerobics.

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