The baby food diet, another way to lose weight

The baby food diet, another way to lose weight
Many diets have emerged and have been popularized in recent years. However, while most of these diets are based on fairly logical principles, some of them are quite surprising. This is the case of the baby food diet, a new diet very popular among Hollywood stars. However, if some speak of it as a new fad of stars, the results announced by those who say they have tried it still deserve attention.

What if we ate like babies?
Coming from across the Atlantic like most new diets, the baby food diet (meaning “baby food diet” or “baby food diet”) is a nutritional program developed by celebrity fitness coach Tracey Anderson. Hollywood. In order to meet the special slimming requirements of her clients, she has indeed thought of a simple diet consisting of feeding mainly small jars for baby. In summary, it is for people wishing to lose weight, replace two of their three daily meals (breakfast and lunch) by small pots (mixed fruits and / or vegetables). More specifically, the coach recommends taking 14 pots spread throughout the day and complete the whole with a healthy meal at dinner. But what for me may be the interest of eating small pots? Is it just a matter of reducing my daily ration?

Principle and efficiency
If this program seems immediately farfelu, it must be said that the principle on which its designer is based is not completely meaningless. Indeed, containing no salt, added sugar, and even less fat, baby pots marketed on the market are low energy. Similarly, being made from fruits and vegetables, they have a high fiber content and are also enriched with vitamins. This can help to eat in a healthy way while limiting the calorie intake; in any case at first sight. In addition, for active women who do not really have time to cook, this may seem very practical. But is it effective? If we stick to the strong reduction in caloric intake during the day that such a program assumes, we can easily imagine that following such a diet for several days can quickly lose you pounds. No wonder Lady Gaga, Marcia Cross or Cheryl Cole say they have managed to lose weight with this program a little particular.

The disadvantages and risks to health
But, there is a but “. Indeed, baby pots (which are aptly named) are not suitable for adult metabolism. So even with 14 pots, it’s unlikely that your energy needs will be met. Such a program can therefore pose risks to your health. In addition, the fact of not having to chew food strongly reduces the feeling of satiety. This can quickly lead you to nibble during the day and therefore lead to weight gain. Finally, it must be said that baby jars are far from very tasty.

Although it may seem attractive, diet small pots or baby food diet presents some health risks. However, if eating small baby pots tempts you, it is best to seek the advice of your doctor before you start.

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