The essential oil of sclar sage, virtues against cellulite?

Clary sage is actually recognized to fight effectively against this phenomenon by accelerating the “destocking of fats”. Its anti-stress, anti-bacteria and antispasmodic properties are also interesting.

Clary sage essential oil, virtues and warning
The essential oil of clary sage is extracted from the leaves and flowers of the plant, grown mainly in North Africa, Russia and France. It is used for its active ingredients in the fields of health and well-being, but it is also found in certain liqueurs, vermouths and perfumes.

On the health side, its “estrogen-like” activity controls the action of estrogens and regulates menstrual cycles, and its linalool content (antispasmodic) allows it to neutralize involuntary muscle contractions (cough, hiccups, menstrual pain …).

Well-being, it is appreciated for its ability to relax, its ability to limit the phenomena related to the secretion of sebum keto lean forceĀ and excessive sweating. It helps to solve circulatory and lymphatic problems and fight against heavy legs and fluid retention.

It “destocks fat” and therefore reduces the orange peel effect. It is these last qualities and the anti-stress action that help reduce cellulite in women.

Clary sage essential oil should not be used during pregnancy and lactation. Its consumption is not recommended for women during the second part of the menstrual cycle and prohibited to children under 12 years. A medical consultation is mandatory in the case of cancer and hormone dependence.

How to use organic clary sage essential oil against cellulite?
The massage with essential oil of clary sage is at the top of the list to fight fat deposits. In addition to draining, accelerating blood circulation and unblocking the fibers, the mechanical effect of the hands (palpating-rolling) is a real plus. An effective massage oil is obtained by diluting a drop of clary sage essential oil in 4 drops of a vegetable oil (almond) or, in a more refined way, by mixing:

60 ml of hazelnut oil
1 drop of Ceylon Cinnamon
2 drops of Clary Sage
2 drops of Cedar from the Atlantic and Lebanon
2 drops of mint eucalyptus
3 drops of aspic lavender
1 drop of turpentine, maritime pine
2 drops of sweet orange essential oil
1 drop of Grapefruit
Stress is one of the factors aggravating the production of cellulite, “I wanted to play sports to relax but I never have enough time!” Sclare sage essential oil is an anti-stress that imposes little constraints and which can be used in many forms.

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