The purifying virtues of buckthorn

Buckthorn is a shrub with many depurative virtues. Shrub that charms with its glazed foliage and clusters of beautiful berries, it is not always easy to know its health benefits. Discover buckthorn here.

The slimming and depurative virtues of buckthorn during a diet
It has cholagogic properties, which allows it to stimulate a function of the liver. It helps evacuate feces as a laxative. Buckthorn has a diuretic property that allows it to promote your urinary secretions. It is also advisable in the treatment of constipation, drops and hypertension problems.

It is also a vermifuge shrub, it rids your body of intestinal worms. Buckthorn is recommended for people with intestinal problems because it also has purgative, repellent and depurative properties.

The parts of the buckthorn that allow you to better benefit from all its properties are its ripe fruits, its bark and its leaves.

Buckthorn for a slimming cure
For better weight loss, do not just step keto plus diet up your sports activity or reduce your caloric intake.

You should consider making it easier to dispose of your waste during a diet to lose weight. Because your body is facing a tissue fouling during this period.

It is at times that buckthorn can become very important. This plant promotes the activity of organs responsible for removing your waste (lungs, liver, intestines, kidneys, mucous membranes and skin). Thus, it helps you to lose weight simply.

Homemade buckthorn recipe for weight loss
A good weight loss treatment should be accompanied by buckthorn or another depurative plant, diuretic and a little laxative. So, use the following recipe to naturally lose a few kilograms.

40 grams of buckthorn root
10 grams of peppermint
5 l of water
Clean the buckthorn roots.
Put the buckthorn roots and peppermint in a saucepan in which there is 1.5 l of water.
Put the pan in the fire and boil over low heat for 15 minutes.
Pour the contents of the pan into a bowl.
After filtering this mixture, you can take half a glass 20 minutes before the meal by adding a teaspoonful of organic honey. Drink half a glass every other day for 2 weeks. Wait a week to resume.

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