What are the fruits not to eat to lose weight?

Rich in taste as well as fiber and vitamins, fruits must be part of a balanced diet. But some fruits can be eaten in moderation when you want to lose weight: for example bananas, grapes or cherries.

List of fruits to limit not to grow
Bananas are one of the most calorific fruits (93.6 per 100 grams), with a high glycemic index.
Grapes and pears are also very high in calories.

Other fruits, like cherries, persimmons or mangos contain a lot of sugars.

Effective against cravings and rich in magnesium, dried fruits make very good snacks, take with you to the office or in your bag. keto blast But they are also sweet and caloric.

All these fruits should not be banned from our diet. But it is important to integrate them into a balanced menu, especially if your goal is to lose weight. Do not eat them at each meal: limit yourself to one serving a day of rich fruit, preferably in the morning. Plan reasonable portions and do not snack. Do not hesitate to mix them with other lighter fruits to vary the pleasures.

The fruits to favor to lose weight
Grapefruit, melon, raspberries and strawberries … Here are some fruits to slip into your market basket. Always prefer a seasonal organic fruit and eat the skin whenever you can: it is often very rich in nutrients.

Fruits are especially recommended during pregnancy because they bring a lot of vitamins and nutrients, and their fibers fight against constipation. Red fruits and citrus fruits are particularly recommended. According to the testimony of many pregnant women, fruits can even fight morning sickness.

The method of preparation is also very important: you must avoid adding sugar and fat to avoid losing the health benefits of fresh fruit. Feel free to look for new ways to accommodate your favorite fruits: it’s easy to find or create an ‘original light recipe. For example, you can slip pieces of strawberries into a green tea jelly, or melt a sweet-baked apple with various spices.

So how much to lose by eating good fruit? Of course, do not expect a mirobolant result worthy of the best pictures before after. But using fruit to your advantage can be effective especially for healthy eating, without constraints and without imbalances.

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