Adept gyms, amateur gym or soft sports Sunday, fitness and you, what is history? To help you better know your sport profile , follow the guide.

Your goals: improve your fitness , tone your body , regain your vitality .

Your profile: for you, sport is above all a health issue. You understand that to stay in shape and keep the line, you have xyzol to practice regular physical activity. And you put yourself in thinking about your well-being. Rather supporter of sport without pain, you train with measure: point too much, no question of looking for performance! What you like: Practice at your own pace to find the right balance and feel good, simply.

Fitness activities for you: exercise bike, active walking on mats, Gym Ball, stretching or soft gym. Remember: if you go out of rehabilitation and you are looking for a non-traumatic solution for the joints or an activity that muscle the heart, prefer the exercise bike or walking on carpet.

Your profile: Physical appearance is important to you and you need to feel good about yourself. Without wanting to look like bodybuilders, you would let yourself be tempted by some drawn abs and a better muscle definition. You are looking for effective workouts for fast results.

Fitness activities for you: muscle building classes, bodybuilding.

Your thirst for performance is vital and you need to release your energy. You want to find a good physical condition or you are looking to lose weight. You have the worry of a job well done, no question of playing sports without feeling the benefits! You like to let off steam and eliminate at the same time. Competitor at heart, you like to set challenges and improve your performance.

Fitness activities for you: cardio training. There are many activities that will allow you to let off steam, work on your endurance, tone your body and lose weight: machine workouts (treadmill, exercise bike or biking cardio bike, elliptical bike), group classes of cycling (biking) or mini trampoline (Ubound), circuit training sessions, choreographed classes such as step, aerodance.

Your profile: you are far from the performance and seek above all to relax or work your body gently. No way for you to expend yourself without counting or getting an athlete’s body. You want to feel good in your body and in your head and feel the need to chase away your stress.

Fitness activities for you: Yoga in all its forms, Pilates, Tai Chi, Body Balance, relaxation, Qi Gong.

Of course, whatever your sport profile, you have every interest in associating fitness activities with each other . For example, xyzol reviews if you are looking to lose weight, it will be quite beneficial to combine a strength training course with your cardio sessions, to draw your muscles. Also remember that yoga is beneficial in addition to all sports, and you will improve your performance (concentration, flexibility, endurance, resistance).

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